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Minecraft Announced Free Monkey King and Mythic Beasts Map for Lunar New Year 2024

For several years, Minecraft has celebrated the Lunar New Year by giving away one or two free items. In 2021, players received skins to commemorate the Year of the Ox. In both 2022 and 2023, Mojang released large content packs for Minecraft that players could download and play for free. Last year, players were able to have an in-game encounter with the mythological entity Nian, courtesy of Next Studio.

For Lunar New Year 2024, Mojang made an exciting announcement on February 8.

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Mojang’s announcement

In the news post, Mojang informed players about its latest partnership with Next Studio. Players gained access to a free content pack inspired by Chinese mythology, which will be available in the Minecraft Marketplace. It revolves around trickster god Sun Wukong, the titular Monkey King, who teams up with a powerful phoenix to defend the Heaven Palace against the evil Demon Army.

While defending the palace, players will see their feathered ally wounded. They have to help the phoenix heal and regain its full power before finally successfully fighting the Demon Army and saving the day.

New Minecraft content

The player and his phoenix ally (Image via Mojang)The player and his phoenix ally (Image via Mojang)
The player and his phoenix ally (Image via Mojang)

When creating a world for this mod, players will need to ensure that the experimental modding options are enabled, as they are required for the content to function properly.

Players entering the world for the first time see a brief flyover of the map before being dropped into the Sky Palace. They have more health than normal and the usual hunger bar is replaced by a stamina meter. Players also have several locked inventory slots to use with the Phoenix, along with a staff weapon and a guide that teaches players the pack’s basic gameplay.

NPCs grant quests to players, leading them to their phoenix companion who will aid them in combat. Stamina can be used in fights to activate the phoenix’s supernatural abilities that will help defeat the numerous enemies and bosses attacking the palace.

Mojang, at the end of the announcement, also recommends a few other Minecraft Marketplace items related to the Lunar New Year, including a Dragon Valley mod that allows players to tame dragons, a Lunar Festivities skin pack, and an official Chinese mythology Mash-Up . Once players have defeated evil like Sun Wukong, there’s still plenty more fun to be had.

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