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OpenAI working on 2 AI agents that could automate complex tasks: Report

It is well known that AI can now automate almost all tasks, but can they automate entire work processes? OpenAI, the AI ​​powerhouse, may have some answers. The Sam Altman-led company is reportedly developing two unique types of AI that have the potential to automate complex tasks.

a report in Information says OpenAI is currently working on a type of agent that could use a user’s device to perform tasks such as transferring data between spreadsheets and documents, and even filing expense reports. The agent does everything necessary to complete the forms, completely eliminating human intervention. Meanwhile, the other AI agent has been designed to perform web-based tasks such as selecting travel itineraries, collecting public data, and even booking airline tickets.

Last year, another report from Information revealed that OpenAI had plans to turn ChatGPT into a super-intelligent personal assistant at work. The latest developments appear to be in line with the previous report. The advanced AI assistant will reportedly have deep knowledge of individual employees and their workplaces. You will perform all personal assistant tasks, such as writing emails and reports, in a style similar to that employee. However, it is not known whether the AI ​​assistant will be a standalone product or part of an AI software package from the company.

OpenAI’s latest advancement merges capabilities from multiple GPTs, moving toward universal and personalized AI support. The company’s plans reportedly involve machine learning for model optimization. According to CEO Sam Altman, the Assistant API marks a step toward comprehensive AI agents, promising greater improvements and capabilities in the future.

The development comes as Sam Altman aims to raise between $5 and $7 trillion by engaging the United Arab Emirates and other investors to overhaul semiconductors, alleviate AI chip shortages and promote AGI. OpenAI has not yet made any official statement about the advanced AI assistant; However, the company has been constantly working to improve its models. Earlier this year, OpenAI launched a new feature for ChatGPT, known as GPT Mentions. This feature allows users to easily integrate GPT or custom bots into conversations by tagging them, like in Slack.

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During OpenAI’s inaugural developer conference, they unveiled custom GPTs, allowing users to create their own bots and potentially monetize them through the newly introduced GPT store. This marketplace provides a platform to discover and use various custom iterations of GPT developed by the community.

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