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Quordle today: Quadruple dilemma! Check out hints, clues and answers for February 13.

Today’s question: After a tough few days, Quordle players yesterday found easy words including TRAIT, FLASH, PLAZA and STORK. All of these words are quite common and are used in everyday conversations. However, that is not the case today as the Quordle 750 puzzle has brought a big dilemma. The four words are difficult and rarely used in daily life. Therefore, new Quordle players may feel stuck at times. While guessing the letters would be a good strategy in most cases, this is not the case with Quordle, as players are presented with a limited number of opportunities. Therefore, one wrong assumption can make or break your winning streak. Therefore, if you encounter any difficulties along the way, we suggest that you refrain from spoiling your attempts. Instead, check out the tips and hints for Quordle today provided below.

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Quorddle today: Tips

One of the four words features repeated letters, which makes guessing it a little more complicated. Therefore, it may hamper your chances of solving Quordle in minimum attempts. In fact, it may take almost all nine attempts! Additionally, all words contain vowels, making the words even more difficult to guess. In case you get stuck, our recommendation would be to focus first on finding the letters and then on their arrangement. So if you don’t want to break your winning streak, check out tips and hints for Quordle today.

Quorddle today: Clues

Today’s words start with the letters R, V, F and D.

The words end with the letters Y, D, L and E.

Word Clue 1: resembling or characteristic of a rat.

Word Clue 2: Don’t offer anything that is stimulating or challenging.

Word Clue 3: Another word for weak or delicate.

Word Clue 4: Place clothing loosely or casually on or around something.

That’s it, these are the clues of the day. We’ve almost revealed the answer, so try to solve the puzzle! If you’re still struggling, check out Quordle’s answer today.

Today’s question: answer

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t continue reading if you don’t want the answer to today’s Quordle. But if you are on your last attempt, you should know that the four words in Quordle today are:





Congratulations! We hope these tips and hints have been enough for you to achieve your victory today. Watch this space again tomorrow for more Quordle hints and tips.

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