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Redmi A3 live photos reveal ultra-like design to Xiaomi 13 and larger screen | SPARROW NEWS

Real life photos of the Redmi A3

In the budget smartphone space, Xiaomi’s Redmi A series has been a consistent performer, and the upcoming Redmi A3 is set to redefine affordability with a larger-than-life 6.71-inch display, according to leaked photos received by Gsmarena. This marks a difference compared to its predecessors, the A1 and A2, both with 6.52-inch screens.

Redmi A3 Case

Despite the increase in size, the Redmi A3 is not limited to just a larger panel: it is breaking new ground by introducing a 90Hz refresh rate, a first for the series. Surprisingly, this feature is quite impressive given the fact that the Redmi A series is known for its affordable price, which often falls below 10,000 Indian rupees. The base version of the Redmi A2, for example, was launched at just 6,300 Indian rupees.

Delving into the specifications, the Redmi A3 will be available in configurations that meet various needs. While exact details have yet to be officially confirmed, there are hints of a model with 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM, potentially making it the highest-configured version of the line.

Real life photos of the Redmi A3
Real life photos of the Redmi A3

Moving on to the design, Xiaomi seems to be shaking things up with the Redmi A3. In stark contrast to the understated designs of its predecessors, the A3 is adorned with an imposing camera bump that rivals the size of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s bump. Don’t be fooled by appearances, though: the camera housed inside may not match the Ultra’s prowess. Previous models in the series featured basic 8MP cameras with depth sensors, and while there is hope for an upgrade, it remains uncertain given the budget constraints posed by the impressive display and ample storage options.

Redmi A2
Redmi A2 to compare

For now, there is little information on the official launch date of the Redmi A3, but signs suggest it is imminent. Retail packs look set to hit shelves soon, signaling an interesting addition to Xiaomi’s affordable smartphone line-up. The Redmi A3 is set to offer a compelling combination of larger display, high refresh rate and storage options that challenge the conventional boundaries of budget smartphones. Stay tuned for more updates as Xiaomi prepares to launch its latest budget beast into the market.

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