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The MacRumors Show: A Week with Apple Vision Pro with Quinn Nelson

In this week’s episode of The MacRumors Show, Elegant laboratories‘Quinn Nelson joins us to talk about the first week using Apple’s long-awaited Vision Pro headphones.

Now that they each have one, Quinn and Dan discuss whether the Vision Pro lives up to their expectations. A significant portion of our discussion is dedicated to the technical aspects of Vision Pro, including screen quality, brightness, and challenges users may face with hand gestures and text selection. The conversation moves on to evaluate the device’s text clarity, its implications for productivity, and how comfortable you are with the two headband options.

An interesting part of our discussion compares the Vision Pro to other virtual reality headsets on the market. We highlight the distinctive features of the Vision Pro that set it apart, especially its distortion correction capabilities and its suitability for productivity tasks, contrasting it with the gaming prowess of the Meta Quest. We also explore the potential for third-party headsets, future customization and design possibilities, emphasizing Apple’s unique position in the virtual reality landscape and its different approach to its rivals.

We reflect on the coexistence of Apple and Meta within the virtual reality space, recognizing the competition but also recognizing the distinctive strengths and target audiences each company serves. This leads to a broader discussion about the challenges facing current VR headsets, such as eye strain, and the optimistic prospects for technological improvements over time that could mitigate these issues.

A considerable portion of our discussion addresses the technicalities and challenges surrounding People and facial scanning with Vision Pro, including the influence of factors such as face shape, hair, and lighting conditions on the accuracy of these features. Quinn also shares insights into integrating iPad apps with the Vision Pro, highlighting how this has transformed his workflow in certain cases and the potential it creates for productivity.

Despite the mix of frustrations and amazement that the Vision Pro has generated, we came to a consensus in recognizing the exciting possibilities the device offers for the future of virtual reality and productivity, considering whether or not we would recommend Apple’s headset to others .

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