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This unique pen can digitize your handwritten notes instantly – here’s how

For a one-time fee of $59, users can unlock AI features like reminders and quizzes.

What is the history

Meet XNote, a cutting-edge smart pen that’s changing the game for note-takers everywhere.

This nifty device can convert your handwritten notes into digital text and even offers artificial intelligence (AI)-powered help.

Combined with an iPhone app and a special dotted notebook, XNote lets you search, edit, and set reminders based on your doodles.

Plus, with the ChatGPT integration, you can answer questions based on your notes, summarize key points, and even prepare quizzes.

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How XNote works and its features

The XNote pen works on plain paper, but its magic lies in the dots on each page of the included notebook.

These points help the stylus track its position while an iPhone app captures the stylus strokes in real time for instant digitization.

At startup, XNote can answer questions about your handwritten notes, present action points from a meeting, and remind you of highlights from past events based on notes you’ve taken.

Advanced Note Creation Tool Pricing and Availability

You can pre-order the XNote pen and accompanying dotted notebook for $199 (around Rs. 16,520) on Indiegogo.

However, to unlock all the AI ​​features like reminders and quizzes, you will need an XNote subscription for a one-time fee of $59 (approximately Rs. 4,898).

This smart solution is perfect for digital note takers who are tired of writing and those who enjoy writing by hand, offering a perfect fusion of traditional writing and modern technology.

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