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Top 7 Minecraft Bedrock Shaders (2024)

Minecraft is known for its iconic blocky art style. However, after dozens of hours building a survival base and looking at the same handful of textures over days of in-game play, players will surely want a change. Fortunately, the community has created different shaders that change the way the game represents many visual systems, such as water, light, fog or clouds.

Listed below are the best Minecraft Bedrock shaders available as of 2024.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects solely the opinions of the author.

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Top 10 Minecraft Bedrock Shaders

1) Trailer graphics

Some of the most iconic imagery associated with Minecraft is the art style of the game’s numerous cinematic trailers. Fortunately for gamers, the Trailer Graphics shader allows this iconic art style to be fully playable.

When combined with the accompanying texture pack, this shader helps bring the saturation, haze, and overall visual aesthetic of the trailer’s cutscenes into the game, making it a whole new experience.

2) IRIS Optics

IRIS Optic does exactly what it claims to do: it improves optics.

This shader doesn’t take the game into photorealism or completely overhaul its design philosophies. It simply takes the basic game and takes it to the next level with little to no impact on gameplay.

3) SERP Shader

This is the best option within the category of high visual impact and moderate to low impact shaders. The changes made, such as the shaking leaves and more realistic sky, as well as a warmer light rendering system, are very welcome, but not impressive enough to put SERP higher on this list.

However, SERP is a great option for players with moderately powered teams.

4) Alpha Optimizer

Alpha Optimizer is one of the best shaders for Minecraft Bedrock because of how much it simplifies the game. This shader specializes in adding FPS by reducing unnecessary particle effects, reducing render distance, and removing clouds, among many other things.

This allows players with older hardware to experience newer versions of the game by freeing up resources. It could also help a heavily modded Minecraft game survive all the new items, mobs, and entities.

5) Delicious sheep shader

Yummy Sheep turns Minecraft’s deep oceans a piercing, crystalline blue. This adds a wonderful element of life to the world, allowing players to view underwater events.

The plant life is also given a natural sway, as if a calm breeze could be felt at all times, further increasing realism and immersion.

6) Bicubic shader

Bicubic Shader is on this list of the best shaders for one simple reason: it makes a lot of really good adjustments and incredible shifting. Starting with the really good stuff, the colors and shadows are warmer and more vibrant, the sky is nice and immersively realistic, and the light representation has been given a major realism overhaul.

The only incredible change is the ocean, which is presented in an exceptionally beautiful way, being both welcoming and inviting, as well as foreboding and intimidating.

7) Continuity

Continuum is a familiar name to any veteran Minecraft shader user. It has been one of the best shaders for many years and in different versions. It should come as no surprise, then, that a release from Bedrock Continuum takes the number one spot on this list of the best shaders.

Continuum really does it all. The clouds are more realistic, the water is beautiful, the simulated breeze feels real, and the fog looks like it could get you lost. The shader simply makes the game much more immersive and worth experiencing.

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