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WATCH: Brilliant Labs Unveils Smart Frame Glasses with Multimodal AI Capabilities, Check Price

Brilliant Labs has introduced Frame AI Glasses, a novel wearable device powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This device enters the competitive field alongside similar AI-powered wearables such as Humane’s AI Pin and the Rabbit R1. Despite their simple appearance as regular prescription glasses, Frame AI glasses feature a micro-OLED display and versatile multi-modal AI capabilities. Brilliant Labs claims that wearing Frame AI glasses can evoke the feeling of having “AI superpowers” built into your glasses. Currently open for pre-orders, the company anticipates beginning shipping in April.

Frame AI Glasses Hardware

Detailed hardware specifications and features of the Frame AI glasses are shown on the Brilliant Labs website, accompanied by a video showcasing the device and its functionalities. According to the company, these AI glasses weigh less than 40 g, comparable to the average weight of prescription glasses. Sunglasses usually weigh a little less and range between 10 and 20 g.

As for hardware specifications, the Brilliant Labs AI glasses feature a dual-layer lens setup, consisting of an outer augmented reality (AR) lens and an inner space that can accommodate an optional prescription lens. If a prescription lens is not needed, this space incorporates an optomechanical enclosure with a micro-OLED screen. The company claims that the display panel is “attached to a thin geometric prism optic” and the assembly employs magnets for connection, similar to the Apple Vision Pro. The pins house the circuitry, while the tips of the pins house the battery. .

Features of Frame AI glasses

Moving on to functionalities, the Frame AI glasses offer a wide range of features, according to the company. These include visual recognition capabilities to provide descriptions of observed objects, real-time text translation, display nutritional details of food products, perform live web searches, and generate images placed in real-world conditions using the AR lens. Brilliant Labs has revealed that visual analytics and live translation leverage OpenAI AI models, while Perplexity AI powers live web search.

AI glasses price with frame and color variants

The Frame AI glasses are available in Cool Grey, H2O and Smokey Black color options, and can be pre-ordered for $349 (approximately Rs. 29,000). The company includes an accessory called Mister Power, a power bank to extend battery life that attaches to the edge between the lenses. Brilliant Labs currently offers free AI services with a daily limit, but has indicated plans to introduce a paid tier soon.

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