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‘Amazing’ Canadian aviator opens flight door just before takeoff – Times of India

NEW DELHI: A canadian tourist He unleashed chaos on a Thai Airways flight in chiang mai airport this week, when he inaugurated the emergency door just as the plane was preparing to take off for Bangkok.
The incident caused the activation of the inflatable slidewhich forced the aircraft to return to the terminal.
Passenger Ananya Tiangtae, who was on the flight, described the scene as chaotic.
“The entire plane was in chaos,” he wrote on Facebook. “What if we were 30,000 feet above sea level? What would happen?” He also expressed concern about the potential danger posed by the passenger’s actions.
Chiang Mai airport director Ronnakorn Chalermsaenyakorn confirmed that the disruptive passenger had opened the emergency door, causing the inflatable slide.
As a result, the flight was unable to take off and had to return to the terminal. All passengers were safely disembarked and technicians conducted safety inspections on the aircraft.
The incident had a ripple effect on more than a dozen flights at the airport, causing disruptions and delays. However, after a thorough inspection, Thai Airways declared the plane safe to take off, with all passengers and crew on board.
The Canadian tourist was detained at a local police station, according to local television station ThaiPBS.
The tourist admitted to opening the door, claiming that people were coming after him. His lawyer, Jirawat Yarnkiatpakdee, suggested the tourist may have been hallucinating.
“He admitted that he opened the door because people were coming after him… from his behavior, it is likely that he was hallucinating,” the passenger’s lawyer, Jirawat Yarnkiatpakdee, told ThaiPBS.
Authorities are investigating the incident further to determine the exact motive behind the Canadian tourist’s actions.

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