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At 59,000 years old, 6.7 percent of new US citizens in 2023 were Indian – Times of India

Nearly 8.7 lakh foreigners became US citizens during fiscal year 2023, around one lakh less than the previous year’s data of 9.7 lakh new US citizens.
More than 1.1 lakh Mexicans (12.7% of the total number of new citizens) obtained US citizenship. With 59,100 (6.7%) Indians acquiring US citizenship, India ranked second as the top country of origin for new citizens. Five percent or 44,800 of the new Americans were born in the Philippines. The top five countries, which include the Dominican Republic and Cuba, collectively accounted for 32% of the new citizens.
According to the 2023 annual progress report recently published by the United States Citizenship and Immigration ServicesNaturalization (granting U.S. citizenship) during fiscal years 2022 and 2023 accounted for nearly a quarter of all naturalizations over the past decade.
While the 2022 USCIS Comparative Progress Report does not provide data on the country of birth of its new citizens, an annual flow report from the department of homeland security provides such information.
Of the 9.69 lakh new US citizens in fiscal year 2022, Mexico with nearly 1.3 lakh (or 13.3%) led the pack, followed by India with nearly 65,960 (or 6.8%) and Philippines at 53,413 (or 5.5%).
After holding a green card (being a legal permanent resident) for at least five years, a person can apply for US citizenship. For people who have married a US citizen, the period is reduced to three years. However, for Indians the wait time to obtain a green card is several decades, which in turn derails the opportunity to pursue US citizenship.

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