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Attacks on Pakistani military installations | Jailed former PM Imran Khan granted bail

On February 10, an anti-terrorism court granted bail to former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, jailed in 12 cases related to the May 9 attacks on military installations.

“ATC Judge Malik Ejaz Asif granted bail to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party founder Imran Khan after posting bail of Rs. 0.1 million (Pakistani rupees) in the 12 cases, including the attack on Headquarters (Pakistan Army) and Army Museum,” The express tribunePakistan reported.

The court said there was no justification for keeping Khan (71) under arrest as all the accused in the May 9 cases were out on bail. Khan will remain in prison as he has been convicted in many other cases.

The court’s order came a day after independents backed by Khan’s party won nearly 100 seats in the National Assembly. Former Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi was also granted bail in 13 cases in the same case. PTI stalwart Khan and Qureshi were accused in the cases on February 6.

The two appeared in court, where the former Prime Minister informed the judge that he had been illegally arrested on May 9 from the Islamabad High Court (IHC) premises.

Editorial | Stifling dissent: On Imran Khan’s arrest and democracy in Pakistan

Imran Khan was booked in multiple cases related to the May 9 violence that broke out after his arrest in an alleged corruption case. The cases registered in Rawalpindi included the attack on the gate of the General Headquarters (GHQ), riots in the office of a sensitive institution and others.

Khan had denied the allegations mentioned in the first information reports (FIR) of the cases. Earlier, after his release from Adiala jail, Punjab police took Qureshi from prison in connection with a case regarding the headquarters attack.

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