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Joe Biden’s latest mistake: he twice confuses Angela Merkel with the late Helmut Kohl

Joe Biden has done it again. This time, the President of the United States has confused European heads of state, twice confusing German Chancellor Angela Merkel with the late former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl as she spoke to donors at fundraisers on Wednesday.

During his speech, the president confused Merkel with Kohl, who died in 2017, where he told a hackneyed story about his first Group of Seven summit after taking office in 2021.

This is what Biden said:

“The first time I was elected president, I went to a G7 meeting with seven heads of state in Europe and I sat down and said, ‘America too.’ And the president of France looked at me and said, for how long? And I never thought of it this way. And then Helmut Kohl of Germany looked at me and said: What would you say, Mr. President, if tomorrow morning you read the Times of London and found out that there are 1,000 doors knocked down in the British Parliament? It killed to some (?) along the way. to deny that the next prime minister takes office. And you think, what would we think?” Biden said at the second of three fundraisers in Manhattan. He repeated the mistake by retelling the story at his third stop.

“”It’s interesting to hear the first meeting I attended as president of the United States, it was in Great Britain. I introduced myself… and I sat down and said, ‘America is back,’ and Macron looked at me and said how long How long? It’s not a joke. And with that. (inaudible) Helmut Kohl said: Joe, what would you think if you picked up the phone and picked up the newspaper tomorrow and found out on the front page of the London Times that 1,000 people mobbed parliament, broke down the doors of the House of Commons and killed two police officers in the process and trying to stop the election of a prime minister. I thought about that. And I mean this honestly, think about it. What would you think if another country, not as powerful as us…”, he said in the third event.

Merkel, the German chancellor at the time, later evoked the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol when asking Biden what his reaction would be if a mob broke into the House of Commons to disrupt the election of a prime minister. British.

The stir comes just two days before Biden is expected to welcome current German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to the White House for meetings on securing additional aid for Ukraine.

Biden confuses Macron with Mitterrand

Before this, on Sunday, Biden botched history by confusing French President Emmanuel Macron with French President François Mitterrand, who died in 1996, about 25 years before the summit. “Mitterrand from Germany, I mean, from France, looked at me and said, ‘You know what? Why? How long are you coming back?'” Biden said.

The repeated gaffes also come as Biden, 81, battles concerns about his age that have weighed heavily on his re-election prospects. Three-quarters of voters said they were concerned about Biden’s physical and mental health in an NBC News poll released earlier this week.

After the recent mistake, netizens have also criticized the president. Reactions started pouring in to X. One user reacted by saying, “Trump’s random shit actually helps him. When he tells people that Haley made a mistake on January 6, they believe him. References to Helmut Kohl add nothing to JoBi”

Another X user wrote: “Look what that drooling buffoon Biden did now. His mind is beyond ruined. President Joe Biden once again confused European heads of state, twice confusing former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl with former German Chancellor Angela Merkel as he spoke to donors at a fundraiser.

Another wrote: “Biden has now claimed to communicate with the ghosts of long-dead world leaders Helmut Kohl, Francois Mitterrand and Margaret Thatcher. Whats Next? Will he talk about a recent brunch with Brezhnev? A phone call with Yitzhak Shamir? A conference with Pope John Paul II?”

Another wrote: “Biden changed the made-up Mitterrand anecdote and replaced him with Helmut Kohl (also long dead).”

One user joked: “These gaffes make me think Biden liked to tell Obama stories about Cold War-era politicians. “Barack, did I tell you about that time I met Helmut Kohl, the chancellor of West Germany?” “Yes, you did, Joe, on the flight to the last G20 summit.”

Long list of blunders:

Biden has made similar public mistakes in the past. In September 2022, she visited a deceased congresswoman at a conference she helped organize. “Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie? I think she was going to be here,” she said, referring to Indiana Rep. Jackie Walorski, who had died a month earlier.

And in April last year, a White House transcript corrected Biden when he confused the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team with the Black and Tans, a British military force famous for its involvement in the Irish War of Independence. The transcript of his speech, delivered in a pub in Ireland, crossed out “Black and Tans” and inserted “All Blacks.”

Trump, 77, previously confused Hungarian leader Viktor Orban and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a campaign speech in November. Last month, Trump had repeatedly substituted the name of his Republican rival Nikki Haley when he complained that former Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had failed to provide adequate security at the Capitol on January 6. Biden later criticized Trump for the mistake in a post for

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