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Malayali family of four found dead in California residence

Four members of a Kollam family were found dead at their residence in San Mateo County in California, United States.

The deceased were identified as Anand Henry (42), his wife Alice Priyanka (40) and their twin sons Noah and Nathan (four). Anand is the son of Professor G Henry, former principal of Fatima Mata National College in Kollam.

Alice was the daughter of the late Benziger and Juliet. Alice’s mother, Juliet, boarded her return flight on February 11 after staying with the family in California.

Juliet, who arrived home on February 12, reportedly sent a text message to Alice and Anand on WhatsApp. But when they didn’t respond, she alerted a relative, who asked a friend to check on the family. The person who arrived at the residence called the police.

Jerami Surratt, PRO for the San Mateo Police Department, told NBC they received a call requesting a welfare check on the family. But police found no sign of forced entry and later found the four dead inside.

He said the investigation is ongoing and the cause of the deaths has not yet been determined. Meanwhile, relatives in Kollam suspect that the four had died after inhaling poisonous gas leaking from a heater. The incident reportedly took place on February 12 at 9:15 a.m. US time (India time 7:45 p.m.).
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