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‘Serious concerns’: World reacts to Pakistan polls as vote counting continues

Countries including the United States and the United Kingdom have called on authorities to investigate reported irregularities in Pakistan’s elections.

Several countries have asked authorities to investigate alleged irregularities in Pakistan’s general elections while vote counting is underway.

Results began trickling in nearly 12 hours after elections for the national and provincial assemblies ended on Thursday.

Independent candidates affiliated with jailed former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s party, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), are taking a narrow lead.

The election was marred by violence from armed groups and a widely criticized suspension of mobile phone services that sparked accusations of “political engineering.”

The military said about 12 people were killed and 39 wounded across the country during attacks aimed at disrupting the vote.

Below are some global reactions to the events that have occurred so far:


The US State Department has said it expects “complete and timely election results” in Pakistan that reflect the will of its people.

“The United States stands ready to work with the next Pakistani government, regardless of political party, to advance our shared interests,” he said in a statement.

“We join credible local and international election observers in their assessment that these elections included undue restrictions on the freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly,” he added.

“We condemn electoral violence… and are concerned about accusations of interference in the electoral process. “Allegations of interference or fraud must be thoroughly investigated.”

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom expressed “serious concerns about the fairness and lack of inclusiveness of the elections.”

In a statement, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron said that “not all parties” were able to formally participate in the election and that “legal processes” were used to prevent some political leaders from taking part.

It also noted restrictions on Internet access, as well as delays and irregularities in reporting.

“The UK calls on the Pakistani authorities to uphold fundamental human rights, including free access to information, and the rule of law,” Cameron said.

“The new government must be accountable to the people it serves and work to represent the interests of all citizens and communities of Pakistan with equity and justice,” he added.

European Union

The European Union has praised the continued “commitment to democracy” of the people of Pakistan.

Still, the bloc said: “We regret the lack of a level playing field due to the inability of some political actors to participate in elections, restrictions on freedom of assembly, freedom of expression both online and offline, Internet access restrictions, as well as accusations of serious interference in the electoral process, including arrests of political activists.”

The EU called on authorities to “ensure a full and timely investigation of all reported electoral irregularities.”


“Iran’s Foreign Minister’s Spokesperson congratulated the government and people of Pakistan on the successful holding of their parliamentary elections, saying that this shows the strong place of democracy in the country,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry said. . aware on the social media platform X.

He added that Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani “wished the brother country, friend and neighbor of Pakistan increasing prosperity.”

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